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​Children’s Division Specialist

Children’s Division Specialist


This position develops program expertise around the BSF Children’s Programs to support, integrate and strengthen ministry to children and students in BSF classes, SDGs and future ministry offerings. This individual supports and coordinates logistics, processes and projects to including events, materials, training and field support concerning the Children’s Program. This position reports to the Children’s Division Director, with a focus on day to day operations of existing programs and future development as requested. This position collaborates with CCO, Director of Field Development, and RDs in support and maintenance of the Children’s Program.

Excellent problem solving, critical-thinking, team work and communication skills are necessary to represent the interests of the children’s division in daily work and field support.


Passion and vision to reach the next generation; mindful of details but oriented toward the big picture; realistic assessment paired with ability to propose solutions; superb time management; flexibility and good humor; able to juggle multiple, simultaneous projects; clear, frank and kind in verbal and written communication.


  • Provide experience and expertise to support the CCO, Director of Field Development, Children’s Division Director and RDs in effective management of existing BSF Children’s Programs
  • Provide experience, expertise and vision to assist the Children’s Division Director as requested in research, planning and implementation of strategic development of enhanced BSF programs for children and students
  • Cooperate to develop training resources needed in development and launch of field training
  • Support various change management activities, representing the interests of the Children’s Division with forward thinking and understanding of key issues
  • Uphold Criminal Background processes, incorporating regional variables and legal priorities to protect BSF and its leaders and volunteers (oversight may be delegated to another)

Core Competencies:

Intellectual: Analytical, Design, Technical Skills, Problem Solving, Project Management

Interpersonal: Staff Communication, Written and Oral Communication, Team Work

Leadership: Change Management, Quality Management, Delegation

Organization: Prioritization, Cost Consciousness, Support, Strategic Thinking, Implementation skills

Self-Management: Curiosity, Trustworthy, Servant leadership, Discernment

Skills, Qualifications & Experience:

  • Passion to reach the next generation most impactfully within the BSF context
  • Love for and experience with children and ability to lead adults
  • Appropriate BSF Background: At least 2 years of experience in role of ACC, CS or TL with grasp of BSF philosophy
  • Working/growing knowledge of details in the children’s program, both big picture and details
  • Effectiveness as a trainer
  • Flexibility in a season of change
  • Writing and editing skills: Ability to communicate well (verbal and written in English)
  • Good relational skills
  • Commitment to teamwork and adaptability
  • Administrative skills: Detail-oriented, organizational skills, ability to meet deadlines, proficient in the use of Microsoft Office software products (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), internet and emails
  • Analytical ability

This position is located in San Antonio, Texas. If interested, please send your resume to