Careers at BSF

Director, Children's Division

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The Children’s Division Director represents, supervises and coordinates all details of the BSF Children’s Division, the Preschool and School Programs and support for Registering Adults.  The Children’s Division Director collaborates with the Materials Division and Training Divisions to integrate program essentials throughout materials and training resources. The Children’s Division Director also supervises the Children’s Division Specialist and Children’s Curriculum Editor. 


ESSENTIAL TO THE POSITION: The Children’s Division Director must have excellent problem solving, critical-thinking and communication skills to design and develop a vibrant Children’s Program.  The Children’s Division Director must understand cognitive and spiritual development and best practices for engaging children of all ages. The Children’s Division Director should work well with other teams, to provide comprehensive support for BSF Children’s Programs.


  • Oversee Preschool and School Program philosophy, design and deployment
  • Collaborate with the Materials Division to provide direction and philosophy to content and study materials that support both programs and registering adults
  • Collaborate with the Training Division to provide direction and philosophy for training support for both programs
  • Supervise BSF Headquarters Children’s division staff
  • Work with Regional Directors to resolve related field issues
  • Prepare and administer budget
  • Participate in HQ initiatives, as requested, and represent the interests of the Children’s Program at HQ

Core Competencies

  • Strategic Thinking / Visioning: Brings focus and integration of the BSF mission, vision, aims and Children’s Program goals, capturing and articulating the big picture in an inspiring and unifying way
  • Forward Thinking: Anticipates the implications of emerging culture, geographic location, learning styles and new educational best practices
  • Communication:  Speaks and writes articulately and specifically able to express Bible truth and doctrine simply and clearly
  • Teamwork: Reaches out to and collaborates with a team, incorporating the subject matter expertise of others
  • Managing Details: Attentive to the details necessary to implement change, maintain and grow a successful global program while delegating appropriately 

Skills, Qualifications & Experience:

  • Minimum of bachelor’s degree in related field (Journalism, Child Development, Education)
  • Demonstrated excellence in oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated heart for the impact and importance of teaching and reaching the next generation
  • Area Team, Teaching Leader or Children’s Ministry experience (3-5 years)
  • Mature believer with working knowledge of theology

Please send resumes to No phone calls please.