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Director of Finance

Job Title: Director of Finance

Reports to: Chief Financial Officer


The Director of Finance position is responsible for maximizing the return on financial assets by establishing financial policies, procedures, controls and reporting systems. This position ensures legal and regulatory compliance for all accounting and financial reporting functions. The Director of Finance also oversees cost and general accounting, accounts payable and International finance.


This position is responsible for accurate maintenance and safeguarding of all financial records, including, all information maintained on computer records. Conducts day-to-day financial related business for Bible Study Fellowship under the direction of the Chief Financial Officer and directs the activities of the Finance Division to meet internal and external deadlines and documentation requirements.


  • Supervises maintenance of all financial records for the headquarters organization as well as records of receipts and disbursements for all classes and each overseas division.
  • Oversees financial accounting processes and records for three corporations, a limited liability company, and three retirement plans.
  • Approves expenditures and disbursements within the approved budgeted guidelines.
  • Represents the organization in financial transactions as authorized by the Chief Financial Officer.
  • Prepares the monthly interim financial statements and related work papers supporting good internal control and audit trail of transactions.
  • Supervises preparation of annual proposed operating expense budgets and annual capital expenditure budgets for board approval.
  • Oversees maintenance of records on performance against such approved budgets.
  • Oversees preparation of annual year-end work papers and financial statements for the purpose of audit examinations and government filings, and represent the organization as primary contact for audit inquiries and responses.
  • Provides guidance and direction to Domestic and International Finance division employees.
  • Other such duties as assigned by the Chief Financial Officer related to the management and oversight of the Finance Division.


Analytical Thinking: Must possess the ability to perform work assigned by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach.

Technical Expertise: Must possess the ability and demonstrate depth of knowledge and skill of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Effectively applies this technical knowledge to solve a range of problems and provide guidance to Finance employees.

Results Orientation: Must be able to focus on the desired results of the Finance department. Must have a strong sense of urgency about solving problems, achieving work goals and meeting work deadlines.

Thoroughness: Ensures that one's own and others' work and information are complete and accurate; carefully preparing for meetings and presentations; following up with others to ensure that agreements and commitments have been fulfilled. Sets up procedures to ensure high quality of work. Develops and uses systems to organize and keep track of information or work progress.

Managing Performance: Takes responsibility for one's own or one's employees' performance, by setting clear goals and expectations, tracking progress against the goals, ensuring feedback, and addressing performance problems and issues promptly.

Fostering Teamwork: Encourages and supports team members’ ability and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team; as a team leader, the ability to demonstrate interest, skill, and success in getting groups to learn to work together.


Certified Public Accountant certification required. Five to eight years’ experience with national or regional CPA firm, and/or BBA, and/or experience in preparation of financial statements and possessing good understanding of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and the routine processes behind accounting software applications. Have received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. Be in full agreement with Bible Study Fellowship’s Statement of Faith. BSF leadership preferred but not required.

This position is located in San Antonio, Texas. If interested, please forward your resume to