Careers at BSF

Media, Marketing and Communications Director


Oversees execution of strategy, campaigns and projects through all communications platforms, including video, website, social media and print, to ensure BSF’s communications and media products consistently reflect to all constituencies – from the fully engaged to the unawares – BSF’s brand, mission, vision and purpose. Shepherds, mentors and coaches BSF’s media team, enhancing their skill set, assuring quality control and keeping the brand fresh and relevant. Coordinates across divisions to meet media, marketing and communications needs, making necessary assignments, coordinating development/revision process, keeping projects’ vision aligned among stakeholders and meeting deadlines.


Have received Jesus Christ as personal Lord and Savior and is in full agreement with Bible Study Fellowship’s Statement of Faith. This person has strong communication, marketing- and media-related skills, and a creative and cooperative spirit. The successful candidate stays current with best practices in media, communication and current events, and institutes the appropriate and relevant practices into the ministry’s communication stream with clarity and impact. This person possesses a command of the English language that is clear, engaging and accounts for the breadth of BSF members’ biblical understanding, worldview and cultural diversity. Has ability to lead, coach, mentor and collaborate with others to enhance their skill set, produce outstanding products and meet the goals of the ministry.


  • Media: Shepherds, coaches and leads creative staff and contractors in the development and delivery of BSF’s video, audio, social media, web and print material; provides consistency, excellence and brand fidelity across multiple platforms of communication.
  • Marketing: Tells the BSF story and helps advance the ministry. Collaborates with fellow team and staff members in helping cast vision, execute initiatives and align strategies with the mission and vision of the ministry.
  • Communication: Serves and supports the ministry in consistent and layered messaging of agreed-upon initiatives to develop clarity and encourage unity and understanding at all levels of the ministry.
  • Development and delivery: Assures proper development of marketing campaigns and media for timely delivery of teaching, training, support and marketing media


  • Supervisor: Experience in leading a team, inspiring creativity, sharpening skill sets and leading by example
  • Technical skill: Experience, skill and excellence in global communication and best media production practices, trends and methods
  • Marketing: Experience in reaching and impacting specific audiences with desired message – telling the BSF story, training, teaching, vision-casting – across multiple media platforms (video, social media, web, print) to achieve specific results
  • Creativity: Ability to generate fresh ideas and collaboratively weave them into the context of the mission, vision, values, strategies and initiatives of the ministry.
  • Collaboration: Ability to understand the needs and value of various divisions, field personnel and vendors and to work collaboratively, constructively and creatively with these various constituencies in producing excellent product.
  • Communication: Ability to tell stories well through the interplay of images, audio, text and graphics; has command of English language.
  • Doctrinal: Strong understanding of the Christian faith and its doctrines.
  • Cultural awareness: Is attuned to issues of the day; has a grasp of how Scripture speaks into these issues; possesses the sensitivity and skills to address these issues with truth and grace.
  • Intellectual: Has ability to understand complex concepts and distill them for others for clear understanding
  • Interpersonal skill: Cooperative, servant, team-oriented spirit; interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills; responds well to coaching and critique.
  • Organizational: Excellent collaborative, analytical, organizational and multitasking skills; strong attention to detail; ability to complete multiple tasks and projects efficiently, with excellence and in a timely fashion
  • Self-managerial: Is trustworthy, inquisitive, self-motivated and meets project deadlines.


To perform this job successfully, an individual must: 

  • Have a firm understanding and desire to advance BSF culture, mission, vision, aims, core values and strategic initiatives.
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree or higher and a minimum of five years recent and relevant professional experience in communications, media and/or marketing field.
  • Have proficiency in various media software (FinalCut Pro; Adobe, Microsoft creative and office suites, e.g.).
  • Have experience in leading a creative team.
  • Have experience in delivering projects and products with proven, impactful results.
  • BSF leadership experience is desired, but not required, for this position.

If you are interested in applying for this position, please forward a resume to for consideration.