Careers at BSF

Software Developer


Create, design and support web applications for the BSF field and HQ to support strategic development of BSF classes. Many tools serve as prototypes for and validation of new opportunities; some require integration with or transition to IT systems.

Major Qualifications

BS/MS in Computer Science
3+ years’ experience in web and software development
Demonstrated knowledge of:

  • Web technologies, such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript
  • Relational DB modeling
  • Application design and development

Strong scripting and automation skills (Python preferred)
Familiarity with user experience and user interface design concepts
Ability to work independently, with attention to detail.
Self-directed in implementing requirements and confirming a clear understanding of those requirements
Strong sense for quality and care for the customer
Strong English written and verbal communication skills for documenting and explaining designs
BSF Leadership experience preferred

Primary Responsibilities

Develop, implement and support web applications to support new strategic initiatives
Understand and implement to business requirements
Utilize web application platforms for rapid development
Test and maintain to optimize functionality and ease of use.
Document design to support and/or transition web apps to IT
Communicate progress in a timely manner. Raise issues as they arise and propose solutions.
Recommend improvements to optimize user experience, the intended purposes of the software and overall performance.
Integrate with IT systems to ensure a cohesive experience for HQ and the field.


Reports to the Director of Implementation in Class Operations.
Serves as a liaison to IT to coordinate software transition and/or integrations
May, in time, report to IT if capacity for implementing tools for strategic development develops there.

BSF leadership or attendance is preferred but not required.  The candidate must be a believer in Jesus Christ and agree with BSF’s statement of faith found on this website.

This position is based in San Antonio, Texas.  If you are meet these requirements and are willing to relocate, please email your resume to  Please no phone calls.