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Software Tester

Job Title: Software Tester

Reports to: IT Delivery Manager


We are seeking a highly skilled, experienced software tester to work in a large team environment with BSF team members as well as Contractor staff. You'll be given the opportunity to perform quality assurance for various testing events, including: Defect Testing; System Testing; Integration Testing; User Acceptance Testing and Regression Testing.

You will work on a project team, which includes Technical Leads, UI/UX specialists, Business Analysts, Developers, and Engineers to build and deliver software enhancements and defect fixes. You'll be involved in reviewing and understanding customer-approved requirements in the early stages of the project and working with the BAs and Developers to ensure the enhancements and defect fixes are properly functioning and to minimize negative impacts on the system/application. Your primary duties on the project will include understanding system/application functionality in order to create meaningful test scripts that you will execute during the various testing phases, while also working closely with the development team to clarify and address any issues you identify during testing. You will be responsible for ensuring your work is organized and captured using team-approved procedures and testing software, allowing others to review your results. You will also be expected to contribute to various types of documentation, including: testing plans; test results; and project deliverables.


  • Bachelor’s Degree or 6 years QA testing experience in large-scale systems projects.
  • Experience with testing IT applications and services
  • Experience with developing testing plans
  • Familiarity with Agile frameworks and regression testing is a plus
  • Familiarity with Selenium is a plus
  • Experience with Automated Testing is a plus
  • Ability to document and troubleshoot errors
  • Working knowledge of SQL
  • Basic understanding of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical mind and problem-solving aptitude
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Must be able to work in a team environment
  • Must have the flexibility to handle multiple tasks at the same time
  • Intermediate to advanced skills in the Microsoft Office suite of products.


  • Execute test cases (manual or automated) and analyze results
  • Develop, document and maintain test plans, test cases, and other testing artifacts
  • Identify, isolate, and track bugs throughout testing
  • Report bugs and errors to development teams
  • Help troubleshoot issues
  • Work with cross-functional teams to ensure quality throughout the software development lifecycle
  • Review user interfaces for consistency and functionality

Core Competencies

Fostering Teamwork: As a team member, the ability and desire to work cooperatively with others on a team.

Managing Performance: The ability to take responsibility for one's own performance by setting clear goals and expectations, tracking progress against the goals, ensuring feedback, and addressing performance problems and issues promptly.

Attention to Communication: The ability to ensure that information is passed on to others who should be kept informed.

Oral Communication: The ability to express oneself clearly in conversations and interactions with others.

Written Communication: The ability to express oneself clearly in business writing.

Customer Orientation: The ability to demonstrate concern for satisfying one's external and/or internal customers.

Analytical Thinking: The ability to tackle a problem by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach.

Technical Expertise: The ability to demonstrate depth of knowledge and skill in a technical area.

Initiative: Identifying what needs to be done and doing it before being asked or before the situation requires it.

Results Orientation: The ability to focus on the desired result of one's own or one's unit's work, setting challenging goals, focusing effort on the goals, and meeting or exceeding them.

Analytical Thinking: The ability to tackle a problem by using a logical, systematic, sequential approach.

Personal Credibility: Demonstrated concern that one be perceived as responsible, reliable, and trustworthy.

This position is located in San Antonio, Texas. BSF membership or leadership is preferred however it is not required. If interested, please forward resume to