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Translation Specialist


This position is responsible for developing, managing, advising and directing BSF’s translation projects, in order to achieve BSF’s vision, purpose and strategic plans.


A personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Excellent judgment with high capacity to make decisions; mindful of details, superb time management; flexibility, able to juggle multiple, simultaneous projects; clear, frank and kind in verbal and written communication; equally comfortable taking charge or lending support, and able to assess which response each situation demands; and genuine passion for BSF’s mission.


  • Lead Ministry Translation Strategy
    • Develop translation infrastructure to deliver translation of additional languages efficiently and effectively
    • Supervise department activities including current translation, tests of alternative translation methods and future language translation
    • Build partnerships with other organizations to stay abreast of the current state of translation and best practices
    • Recommend process improvements
  • Translation Execution
    • Supervise leader of BSF’s translation efforts
    • Lead Spanish translation and strategy efforts
    • Coordinate board approved questions and sample lectures process
    • Coordinate translation to assure timely delivery
  • Other Responsibilities
    • Set goals and measurements and report progress
    • Work cooperatively with other divisions (e.g., field development and curriculum) to determine and meet translation needs
    • Prepare budgets and ensure compliance
    • Determine and enlist staff needed to meet objectives and goals
    • Set annual goals for personal development
    • Other activities as needed or requested


  • Intellectual:  Analytical thinking, Problem Solving, Project Management, gathers information and is able to analyze it and think forward with solutions
  • Interpersonal:  Excellent Written and Oral Communication, Teamwork and Collaborative Relationships, Works well with others
  • Leadership:  Ability to lead others through change, Quality Management, Delegation, Managing People, Establishing Focus, Managing Performance
  • Organization:  Ability to think clearly and make good decisions, Cost Consciousness, Ability to work within an organization, Support others when needed, Strategic Thinking
  • Self-Management: Curiosity, Trustworthy, Innovative, Bold, Results Oriented, Flexible, Needs to take initiative on projects and goals


Must be proficient in English and Spanish, strategic planning, resource allocation, development of budget and staffing plans, and financial management, networking, and consensus building.

Must have administrative and professional writing skills, reporting skills, Intermediate to advanced Microsoft Office Skills (especially developing graphs in Power Point, surveys in Word, and data models or analysis in Excel), Organization, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Verbal Communication. Fluency in English and Spanish, written and oral, is required.

Employees must fulfill the performance standards of this position and comply with policies, guidelines and procedures of BSF, including those set out in the Employee Handbook or otherwise communicated (verbally or in writing) to employees.

This position may be considered for remote work.  Those who are interested should email a resume to  BSF offers a complete benefit package and 4 weeks vacation!