General information for volunteers


On campus — Contact the volunteer coordinator to reserve a room.

Off campus — A list of suggested hotels is available from the volunteer coordinator.


Lunch is available in the Manna House cafeteria on weekdays at 11:45 a.m. There is a $5 charge, and reservations are required. This service is for volunteers and staff only. There is no provision for breakfast, evening or weekend meals on campus apart from food service assignments.


Please remember that you will be volunteering in a business environment. Your comfort is important, but so is your witness to those who do business with headquarters.

In the press or housekeeping areas, women may wear casual slacks, skirts, capris or nice jeans. Men may wear casual trousers or nice jeans. (Please, no shorts.) Please wear comfortable shoes. Tennis shoes are acceptable.

When serving meals, women may wear dress slacks or modest dresses or skirts. Men may wear slacks and a collared sports shirt. Closed-toe shoes are required because of health code regulations.

When assigned to landscaping and maintenance, please dress appropriately for the job and season.


All volunteers must complete a volunteer registration form. You will receive this form from the volunteer coordinator after scheduling your visit. Please return the form to headquarters by mail, fax or e-mail at least two weeks before your arrival.


BSF headquarters
San Antonio