People of the Promised Land, Part II

A wayward people face dark days. But God's light remains, drawing His children back to Him.

Beginning with Israel's entrance into Canaan under the leadership of Joshua, People of the Promised Land I and II chart the ups and downs of the nation of Israel. People of the Promised Land II covers the divided kingdom and the minor prophets.


This phase of Israel's history lasted more than 300 years until both divisions of the kingdom -- Israel and Judah -- were exiled into captivity, the north first to Assyria and the south later to Babylon.

People of the Promised Land, Part II Themes

Light in the darkness
Two nations fractured a kingdom that once relied on God for security and peace. However, God never turned His back on them, giving them hope even in a season of darkness.

God's Word
God graciously continued to reveal Himself and His will through His prophets. In His gracious Word, the Lord showered His people with the light of His truth.

God's promise
God promised David an eternal throne. Even through the exile, the line of David would continue its trajectory toward the Messiah to come, the promised King of all His people.

Living in exile, a minority people of faith held fast to their assurance in God, who kept His promises of strength, encouragement and merciful provision.

"The LORD will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one LORD, and his name the only name."