Frequently Asked Questions

Our most common questions are located below. If you can't find an answer, please submit a support request using the support form on this page.

What will classes be studying this year?

Genesis is the study for the 2020-21 BSF year.

When will classes in the United States begin?

Classes in the U.S. typically begin the week of Monday, September 9, 2019.

I have a question about an online group (formerly known as virtual group).

For all online class concerns, please visit

How can I transfer to a different class?

Please contact your current class administrator, and they will transfer your record to the new class. If you do not have the contact information for your current class administrator, you may contact them through your class webpage,

How do I update my contact information?

Please give that information to your current group leader or class administrator. If you do not have the contact information for your current class administrator, you may contact them through your class webpage, which can be found at

From what version of the Bible does BSF study?

BSF material uses the New International Version in its biblical references, however we invite and encourage members to use the Bible translation with which they are most comfortable.

What will BSF classes be studying in future years?

2020-21: Genesis
2021-22: Matthew
2022-beyond: to be determined

How can I start a BSF class in my local area?

BSF classes begin as a prayer group – a handful of lay people who commit to meet regularly to persevere in prayer for a BSF class. Out of that prayer group, leadership is chosen for the class. Because BSF is interdenominational, the prayer group participants are from a variety of churches and denominations. Most of our classes are held in churches, but we are guests and not a part of the church’s programming. A BSF area advisor assists anyone interested in starting a prayer group in their community.

How do I download questions from the website?

Resources are now available at

I made a contribution on the "Giving" page, but did not receive a receipt.

Send an email to asking for a duplicate receipt. Please include your name, email address and physical address.

The class I'm looking for does not appear on the "Find a Class" page.

Try searching with different criteria such as state, address or class type. All BSF classes should be listed on this page. If you run into any problems, contact BSF Headquarters at 210-492-4676.

Does BSF teach in languages other than English?

BSF provides Chinese and Spanish materials to members in some classes. In addition, many BSF classes have Discussion Groups in a number of locally used languages. Contact your nearest class to check on their availability.

Local Class Help

For support concerning your local class, contact your class administrator. If you do not have their contact info, you can find your class and use the contact button on the class page.

Call Us

For urgent matters, you can always call us at (210) 492-4676.