Preschool program

BSF's preschool program gives children registered by an adult BSF member the beginning biblical foundation they need to love God and talk with adults about spiritual matters.

How do you explain who God is to your child? The concept of right and wrong? How to pray?

BSF introduces children under 6 years old to God and begins to nurture their lifelong love for the Bible in a safe and secure environment.

As a part of day women's classes, loving, well-trained and committed leaders teach little ones about God and the Bible in age-appropriate ways. The leaders pray for the children and encourage them to continue learning with their registered adult throughout the week. (The preschoolers' curriculum is based on the lessons the adults study.) The children also learn other important life skills, such as how to obey instructions, cooperate, sit and listen — all taught in an atmosphere of love.

When they've outgrown the preschool program, children are eligible to attend the school program, which is included in men's classes and evening women's classes.

Infant options

Class members have the option of keeping their infants with them during the entire BSF class time. An adult class member may take her infant with her to the discussion group and/or the lecture.

Or the infant can spend all or part of the morning being taught by loving children's leaders. Infants will be in a nurturing environment. They will hear a Bible story, be prayed for and listen to BSF hymns sung to them as they are held and rocked.


You can download:

Hymns that are sung in the preschool program.

Home Training Lessons — a weekly article on godly child-rearing. This is also available on the class materials table of BSF classes.

Home Discussion Pages — a weekly synopsis of each day's lesson with two to three questions that can be discussed by the family or shared with others.

(Even if you are not enrolled in a BSF class, we invite you to download the Home Training Lessons and Home Discussion Pages for your personal use.)

Typical preschool class

Opening free play — fun activities help children transition to their classroom

Bible story time — children develop a love and respect for God's Word (based on the same passages their caring adult is learning)

Scripture verse — children are introduced to God's Word

Hymn time — children worship God in song

Quiet time — children think about God

Large muscle and rhythm time — children exercise their bodies in this fun, structured time


"I have kids in the preschool and school program, and it's so cool
we are learning the same thing!"

Minnesota, USA class member