BSF offers six one-hour seminars during the year that help adults and teenagers mature in Christ and develop skills to serve Him.


Learn a technique to analyze and understand a Bible passage even more deeply.

Sharing the Gospel

Grasp the basic truths of the Gospel and build your confidence as you practice sharing it and pray for opportunities to share it with others.

Personal Quiet Time

Develop a daily quiet time with God based on Bible study and prayer.

Leading a Small Group

Gain personal and practical leadership skills. Practice leading using the Bible study method that can be used anywhere, anytime in leading others.

Bible Navigation

Learn to navigate the Bible and use its resources. If you are an experienced Bible student, you will learn how you can shepherd others into God's Word.

Serving the Church

Explore God's eternal plan for the Church and see how you can get engaged in how God works through His people to accomplish His purposes on earth.


Seminars are available at no cost. Dates and times are specific to your class. Check with your group leader or the class administrator for details.

Three seminars are open to teenagers accompanied by their BSF adult — Sharing the Gospel, Personal Quiet Time and Serving the Church.