The final book of the Bible unveils the final victory, the glorious consummation of His Kingdom to come.

The consequences of human sin stalk the planet – anxiety, fractured families, environmental concerns, violence, debilitating illness, terrorism. Will God prevail? Revelation answers emphatically: Yes!


As perhaps nowhere else in the Bible, Revelation reveals the finality of God’s just judgment alongside His immense saving grace toward His redeemed people.

Revelation unveils God’s own Person, the greatness of His Son and the activity of His Spirit. God’s people worship Him in victory, their redemption joyfully complete after suffering and even martyrdom. God’s justice forever resolves the conflict between good and evil. Renewed and flourishing life in God’s glorious presence banishes sin and death.

Revelation Themes

Perspective of God
Revelation illumines God’s vision for His people, freeing them from pursuing a life and future prescribed by this world’s shortsighted assumptions. To take Revelation to heart is to live under the authority of God’s agenda. It means to clearly understand the destructiveness of sin, love His presence and honor His Son.

Perseverance and purity
Jesus calls His people to hold firm in His truth rather than compromise with false religion or unbiblical living. No matter how pervasive evil becomes or how normal it may seem to ignore or disobey God, Jesus’ people follow Him.

God's power and victory
Jesus' triumph came through His death and powerful resurrection. We are called to follow Him in sacrifice, love Him more than our very lives and experience triumph through His power.

Jesus' return
The glorious return of Jesus Christ is the destiny of this world. All His authentic followers live in that strong certainty. Hope, stability and courage result from this practical truth.

"Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near."