The book of Romans is the fullest and most comprehensive statement of Christianity.​

Authored by the apostle Paul under the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit, this piece of ancient writing has become the most influential letter in the world. The book of Romans is the fullest and most comprehensive statement of Christianity.


Paul’s letter to the Romans looks at the world through a wide-angle lens. Romans sweeps from the depths of our brokenness to the greatness of God’s grace; from the grandeur of God’s plan back down to the details of daily life. 

It is a theological text, practical helps and a missionary appeal. But it is also a letter. Despite Roman’s vast scope, one word applies to every part: righteousness.

The teaching of Romans can be broken into the following outline:

  • Humanity’s unrighteousness and great need of true righteousness (1:1-3:20)
  • God’s gracious gift of righteousness through Jesus Christ (3:21-8:39)
  • Proof of God’s righteousness in His glorious plan (9:1-11:36)
  • God’s righteousness worked out in His people’s lives (12:1-16:27)

Romans Themes

Our unrighteousness
People act as if God is not there. Creation should draw people to seek God. Instead, they worship creation rather than the Creator. God has punished this willful ignorance by giving people over to their sins. This spiritual outworking of sin drags the human race downward and enslaves us in invisible chains.

Our great need
When we were unable to do good, understand the gospel or seek and find God on our own, God took the initiative to save us. Through the work of Jesus Christ, God has provided the righteousness we lack. Salvation is given from God alone.

Renewed, eternal relationship
Being justified by God through faith, we now have a new status before God and new privileges as He molds us more and more into His character through our sanctification. Now we are at peace with God. We belong to the living Lord Jesus Christ and are joined to Him forever.

Sovereignty of God
Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. Salvation flows from God’s plan and activity. It is God’s work, not human effort or accomplishment. God will keep working until all His purposes are complete.

Renewing of our mind
How we think determines how we act. If we think as Christians, we will begin to act as Christians. A lack of genuine Christian thinking always leads to a lack of humble, sacrificial, God-glorifying Christian behavior..

The last days
Christians are not to live for the present time alone, but rather with their eyes fixed heavenward. As we do so, we serve our fellow Christians and let the Lord's name be known so others may come to a saving faith in Him.

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose."