Volunteer at BSF

Serve the world by volunteering your time and talents at Bible Study Fellowship Headquarters.

God has utilized volunteers to support BSF's work at Headquarters throughout its history. Volunteering gives anyone the opportunity to contribute to God's work and see His provision firsthand.

From teens to seniors, volunteers help across a number of tasks listed below. Take a look at our volunteer calendar, then register to volunteer by clicking here. If you would like to make a reservation for on-campus housing, click here.

Prepare Materials in the Press

Prepare, pack and ship material to BSF classes around the world.

Volunteers may serve in the press from 8:45 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday — half-days or full days, depending on their schedules. First-time volunteers may take a tour of Headquarters (from 1 to 2 p.m. Monday - Thursday, or 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Friday) beginning in the volunteer meeting room of the Hertzler Press.

Volunteers must be 13 years of age or older and accompanied by an adult until age 18. Adults bringing teens 13-15 will need to bring one adult for every two teens. Adults bringing teens 16-18 will need to bring one adult for every four teens.

The physical requirements to work in the Press are as follows:
· Must be able to stand and walk for the duration of the work shift
· Must be able to lift and lower 20 pounds independently
· Must be able to push and pull 50 pounds independently

To review a list of campus events that require volunteers, consult the volunteer calendar. On-campus housing is also available. Check with the volunteer coordinator at volunteercoordinator@bsfinternational.org about your lodging needs. Information about lodging nearby is also available.

Food Preparation and Service

Throughout the year, serve leaders delicious meals during their stay.

As a volunteer, you can help with food preparation on the Thursdays and Fridays before training sessions. Tasks might include baking cookies, cutting up fruits and vegetables, cooking sauces and a variety of other duties.

When the event starts, you can work with other volunteers serving meals to the trainees. This includes last-minute preparation of ingredients, setting up beverage tables and cleaning up after the meal.

Please view the volunteer calendar for a list of events register to volunteer, or click here to sign up for food service.


Make guests feel at home and comfortable during their stay.

The campus cottages, auditorium and dining room require occasional cleaning by volunteers before and after training sessions of BSF leaders and others who visit campus.

Please view the volunteer calendar for a list of events and contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteercoordinator@bsfinternational.org to sign up for housekeeping.


Indoor/outdoor maintenance of BSF's buildings and grounds.

Landscaping, mechanical, carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical and many other jobs are performed routinely

Tools and materials will be provided for the job assigned, upon arrival. If you are interested in maintenance work, please let the volunteer coordinator know at volunteercoordinator@bsfinternational.org.

Dress Code

What to wear while you are volunteering.

In the press -- please wear comfortable, close-toed shoes - tennis shoes preferable. In the press or housekeeping areas, wear comfortable clothes that you can work in. No shorts please. Jeans, t-shirts and workout clothes acceptable.

In the kitchen -- when serving meals, please wear comfortable, close-toed shoes – tennis shoes okay. Dress is casual, including jeans. No shorts please. You will not be seen by trainees, so please just be comfortable.

When assigned to landscaping and maintenance, please dress appropriately for the job and season.


BSF has limited on-campus housing for volunteers.

Our volunteer housing facilities (named Obadiah), consist of eight rooms with a two common areas. Each room is equipped with two twin beds.

A centrally located, fully furnished kitchen is available for the use of all guests. You may bring food to store in the refrigerator or in the cabinets; labels are provided to put on your items. Please plan to provide your own breakfast and dinner during your Obadiah stay.

A washer, dryer, iron and ironing board are also available in the laundry room for your personal use.

There is no charge for staying in Obadiah, but we do require that you work in the press and/or food service for each weekday that you stay in Obadiah and campus is open for business. If the Lord leads you to give a donation to BSF, you may make a donation online or the volunteer coordinator can furnish you with an envelope to do so, on-campus.

Obadiah does not have hair dryers or fans, so please plan to bring what you need accordingly. There is no transportation to and from the airport to campus, for Obadiah guests.


Reservations are scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis for volunteers traveling more than 60 miles to serve. Units must be reserved on the basis of serving a minimum of two days and staying two nights (September through May) or a full week of serving Monday through Friday (June through August).

Reservations can be made six months out from the current date. You may register on the first day of the month for the entire month, six months from the current date (e.g. on May 1, you may register for Nov. 1-30).

You may make a reservation for on-campus housing here.


To maintain a clean and quiet community, pets and smoking are not permitted in the units. Before departure, volunteers are responsible for cleaning their units.

Check-in, Check-out Policy Changes

Effective September 1, 2018, the following policy changes will be established for guests in Obadiah. These are necessary to protect our hospitality and plant staff from working weekends to post-check and prepare rooms for same-day departures and arrivals. We want to make your experience here as enjoyable and loving as possible.

  • All Obadiah check-ins will occur after 2 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, for those staying less than a week
  • Those who will be staying a week or longer may check in Friday after 6 p.m.
  • All Obadiah check-outs will occur before 9 a.m.
  • Those preparing to serve for an event (TL training, Area Personnel Training, etc.), who are not staying a full work week, may check in on the Thursday, Friday or Sunday prior to the event and stay the weekend
  • Those who will be working in the Press beginning on Monday may check in Sunday after 2 p.m.
  • All guests may stay for a maximum of two weeks.
  • All guests may stay for a minimum of three nights, two of which are weekdays and require work in the press or food service, both days.

Thank you for allowing us to love our staff well with these new policy changes.