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The BSF orbit: satellites and space

(Friday, October 9, 2015) Do you know what a Satellite Discussion Group (SDG) is? There’s a better chance you do today than you did a year ago. Led by a trained group leader who is able to attend a weekly Leaders Meeting, SDGs meet at locations outside the host class site, typically a day or two after the host class meets. Like a typical Discussion Group, members discuss the lesson and listen to a recording of the host class’s lecture. These groups give BSF capacity to handle the increased enrollment of Revelation, which is 51% greater than the beginning of Moses last year. SDGs also allow groups to meet in locations where members do not have easy access to class.

What started as a fewer than 30 SDGs two years ago has exploded into 2,217 SDGs today. These groups meet in 875 locations and are populated by 34,775 members. That’s close to 9% of BSF’s adult enrollment. Close to 500 of our classes have SDGs.

The need for God’s provision of SDGs is clear when you consider there are now 68 classes with more than 700 members, compared to none of that size a year ago.

While we thank God for this amazing growth, we also humbly profess BSF is not about numbers. But we are excited about the hunger for God’s Word that we are witnessing throughout the world. Of all the members attending these SDGs, 72% have had no prior BSF experience before this year. Meanwhile, 64% attending our host classes are first-time BSFers. Praise God!

If you are wondering if there is an SDG near you, contact the class administrator of a nearby class. Click here to get to the Find-a-Class function of the BSF website (www.bsfinternational.org). There, you can find the class closest to you and click on the “Contact class” link to email the class administrator, who has access to a class directory.

If there is no SDG near you, we encourage you to pray the Lord may pave the way for one in His good time. Meanwhile, you – or a small group – may download BSF’s Home Discussion Pages (click here), which follows the same daily passages class members are studying.

The increase in enrollment heightens our need for your prayers. God has been so good in preparing Headquarters, area personnel, class staff, leaders, members and potential members for the study of Revelation this year. We ask you to continue to lift this ministry in your prayers to rely on Him to provide the logistics, safety, hospitality, fellowship, clear teaching and transformation in each of our classes and SDGs as we study Revelation together.

Calling all volunteers!

(Wednesday, October 7) There is a great need for volunteers who can pick, pack and help with shipping at BSF headquarters in San Antonio. We are needing 10-20 people a day for the next few weeks building up to 30-40 people a day. 

Please send out the word, come, bring a friend and have a great time of fellowship and service unto the Lord! Contact volunteercoordinator@bsfinternational.org.

Bearing fruit from a glorious week

(Friday, Sept. 25, 2015) BSF wishes to thank everyone who made this summer's Revelation Institute possible. Our prayer is that your teaching leaders and area advisers, who were poured into abundantly throughout this Institute, may radiantly share the love and truth of our Lord Jesus Christ with every leader and class member around the world. 

If you would like to have a taste of this incredible week, click here and see how your generosity bore great fruit for the Kingdom.

"Blessed is the one who reads aloud the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near." -- Revelation 1:3



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