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BSF Connection Day of Prayer

BSF Headquarters invites you to come and join us for the BSF Connection Day of Prayer as we pray for the launch of the newest BSF study of the book of Revelation. Please pray with us for the global impact of this study on more than 1,100 classes throughout the world.

Where: BSF Headquarters in San Antonio

When: August 19, 2015, 1-8 p.m.

Plan on coming?: E-mail Lisha Dees at lisha@bsfinternational.org

Bringing children to BSF

What’s it worth to bring children – your own, your grandchildren or your neighbor’s children – to BSF? Take a moment to read one member’s testimony:

My name is Kay; I am a children’s leader. I have been bringing my 11-year-old granddaughter to BSF for several years. There have been times that it has been a great challenge. Sometimes she would get grumpy with me and with tears she would say, “Nana you don’t know how to help with homework!” I often felt like I had more than I could handle on Monday nights.

So imagine my surprise when I felt God telling me to bring 6 more of my grandchildren to BSF on Monday nights. Making all the arrangements was almost overwhelming. It was most often very chaotic and even costly at times, but every week all the way home these precious children would express to me things like “this lesson was the best ever" and "thank you so much Nana for taking us!” Every single week they expressed great appreciation for getting to come to BSF and were amazed at all that God was teaching them.

About a year ago our precious Lisa (the Mom of the six children) was diagnosed with cancer. Last week, Lisa went to be with her Lord. The wisdom of our great God to cause me to bring these precious children to BSF during what will probably be the most life-changing event and crucial time of their lives is so amazing to me. During the class time when the teachers talked about the death of Moses and the transfiguration, Ashlynn said, “My mama could be talking to Moses and Jesus right now!” I thank God every day that He caused me to be obedient no matter the difficulty, cost and loss of ease and comfort in my schedule. I am convinced that the love and teaching of the Word of God they each received in this place helped them to get through this difficult situation in a more gentle and loving way than they would have otherwise. I will be forever grateful to our loving and compassionate God.

If God is moving you to bring children to the BSF school program please listen and obey. It won’t be as easy of an evening and maybe even a bit stressful at times but I can absolutely assure you of this, whatever God is calling you to do He has a divine purpose. It will be fruitful not just for the present here and now but for generations to come.

Revelation is coming!

The first lesson of Revelation has been printed for North American classes and will be shipped next week! Shipments of lessons to global classes are also underway. Please pray for smooth deliveries and a strong start to the Revelation study this fall.

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