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Glorious Revelation Institute



(June 12, 2015) BSF teaching leaders, area advisors, Headquarters staff and board members from around the world on Friday completed a God-exalting week at the Revelation Institute in Dallas Texas. More than 1,300 were in attendance to soak in the teaching from nine theologians, including Dallas Theological Seminary President Mark Bailey; BSF Executive Director Susie Rowan; and a message about heaven by former BSF teaching leader Anne Graham Lotz.

On Thursday night, BSF honored the past and enjoyed the company and stories of former executive directors Rosemary Jensen and Jean Nystrand along with former Headquarters staff Jane Roach, Shirley Mills, Janice Pinkney, Kay Thornton, Susy Harbick and Kitty Magee.

The week of learning, prayer, training, encouragement, fellowship and worship was capped off by the 175-plus voices of TLs, AAs and board members who constituted the BSF Revelation Choir, who sang "No More Night," "Hallelujah Chorus," "I See the Lord" and doxology.

May the countless blessings that drenched each attendee transcend this week and ignite a fire in each of the nearly 1,200 classes in 39 countries. Through the study of Revelation, may God be magnified, may His people mature in their faith through His Word and may those who do not yet know our Savior see Him, know Him, believe Him and, when He returns, be welcomed into our Father's House.

You can see a day-by-day synopsis of this week's event on BSF's Facebook page, www.facebook.com/BibleStudyFellowship.

Revelation Institute

Nearly 1,300 BSF teaching leaders, area advisors, Headquarters staff and theologians are traveling to Dallas, Texas, this weekend for the Revelation Institute, June 8-12. This is the first time all BSF teaching leaders and area advisors have been together in one place at one time since the Romans Institute of 1999.

This event is a significant component of the training of our leaders for the newest BSF study. A projected 470,000 men, women, boys and girls in classes in 39 countries will be studying Revelation, the consummation of God's perfect plan of redemption of His people.

Please pray for safe travel, absorption of deep, rich teaching and God-honoring worship and fellowship throughout all of next week so classes may be thoroughly blessed by the transforming power of God's Word.

BSF Connection Day of Prayer

BSF Headquarters invites you to come and join us for the BSF Connection Day of Prayer as we pray for the launch of the newest BSF study of the book of Revelation. Please pray with us for the global impact of this study on more than 1,100 classes throughout the world.

Where: BSF Headquarters in San Antonio

When: August 19, 2015, 1-8 p.m.

Plan on coming?: E-mail Lisha Dees at lisha@bsfinternational.org

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