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Bible Study Club

(Friday, November 13) This is one indication of the impact of the BSF school program in the lives of our students. 

What do you do in that moment when you're on recess duty and you notice 4 of your sweet 2nd graders spending their recess in prayer together...then they run over, tell you that they're having 'Bible Study Club' during recess and they ask you to join? Rejoice and worship our great God!

A student's heart

(Friday, October 30) Ever wonder about the value of BSF in the lives of our children who attend the Preschool and School programs? Read on to see what BSF has meant to one graduating student’s life.

There are no words, really. No words to fully or adequately encapsulate what BSF has meant to me…what it has done for me…and how it has changed me. And yet, I will do my best to sum up what I now realize has been one of the most significant and important things in my life.

I've done BSF for longer than pretty much anything else in my life. Longer than I've played any instrument, longer than I've attended any one church, and even longer than I've been formally educated. Quite simply put, I grew up…with BSF at my side.

It wasn't always easy or fun. In fact, there were times when I hated BSF. Like, truly hated it. These feelings arose from typical restless teenage reasons. But I also think I hated it at times because I didn't want to be…changed. As a stubbornly flawed, imperfect human being, I could feel God using BSF to form me into the person He wanted me to become, and there were times where I was reluctant to surrender myself to His plan for me.

And yet, driving home from my last night as a BSF "children's level" participant, I couldn't stop the tears that came. In fact, I was sobbing to the point of breathlessness. I had no idea that BSF had meant that much to me and I would never have anticipated that I would shed tears over leaving it. But somehow, as I envisioned my future Monday nights and I realized there would be no one forcing me to memorize Bible verses or draw a truth and application from a particular passage, I was struck at how empty my life would be.

I can thank BSF for the hard questions, for the "homework" that actually made me read the Bible, and for holding me accountable to the Spirit's urging in my life. As I look back at some major turning points in my life, I realize that the times I made the "right" decision were the times that I acted on the truths and the lessons that I learned from BSF. I realize now that BSF guided me and walked with me and comforted me and provided me with the spiritual nourishment that has fostered and grown my relationship with God.

So, if you're wondering if you should send your child to BSF, wonder no more. There may be times when your child will ask you if they can stop or if they can miss a few classes in lieu of other activities. And that's totally normal. I did it too. But while we weren't perfect in our weekly attendance, my family put BSF over almost everything. Making BSF a priority in our life and a non-optional activity is one of the best things that my parents ever did for me, and I could not be more grateful for their faithfulness.

I want to take a moment now to thank my teachers. You are men who volunteered not only your time and your energy, but also your hearts and minds and even your souls. That kid who looked like he was bored and ready to fall asleep? What you just said will awaken in him a realization that he needs to get his heart right with God on a personal issue that he feels like you are speaking directly to. That girl who forgot to bring her question sheet and is now using yours? Your answer for the Day 1 question resonated with what she's going through and reflects exactly how she received the message from last week's lesson. The kids who are struggling with the homiletics this week? They're actually thanking God that there are people who still care enough about them to teach them how to read and analyze God's Word. I know this because I've been all of them.

I've been in that seat – wondering when class would be over so I could feel comfortable again with my nominal Christian life. I've been in that seat – shocked that you would glean the same truth that I had from the lesson. I've been in that seat – thankful that you would take the time to accommodate my "think and shrink" incompetency in homiletics, and thankful that you would take the time to show me how it's done. You may have never been in the student's seat, but I have, and the reason that it is such a wonderful seat to sit in is because of the blessings that you heap upon it with your presence, insight and love. You, my dear teachers, are the people invested and poured into my life when I needed it the most. Thank you for never giving up on me.

Perhaps the best thing I've gotten out of BSF is God. There are so many Christian activities out there that give you Bible teaching or give you Christian friends or give you a euphoric feeling about Christianity, but forget to give you…God. After growing up with BSF, I can confidently say that I KNOW God and KNOW His Word and KNOW how to listen to Him in a way that I most certainly wouldn't have without BSF.

While it breaks my heart to close this chapter of my life as a student in BSF, I am thankful that God has given me a gift that has enriched and changed my life forever.

BSF loves our churches

(Tuesday, Oct. 27, 2015) The Houston West Evening Men’s class received an unexpected benefit from one of its Satellite Discussion Groups (SDG) this week. On Sunday evening, the teaching leader found out a fire at the host church had left it unusable for the BSF class the next evening (Monday). After looking at all the options, the only course of action seemed to be to cancel the class, given the very short notice.

However, on Monday morning, the SDG administrative leader, Robert Lengefield, contacted the church used for a satellite group, who agreed to accommodate the host class that same evening. With God orchestrating events, opening doors and guiding the process, the host class relocated 14 miles to the satellite location in less than one day. Twenty-four discussion groups, five School Program levels and more than 200 men were able to share and study Revelation without missing a beat. The satellite church provided 30 meeting rooms, the sanctuary, video recording, audio, projection equipment and everything else needed for a smooth BSF class.

To God be the glory and praise for providing satellite discussion groups, and an especially quick-thinking, God-dependent SDG administrative leader.

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