Young adults

Do you question whether God really can speak to your life today? Do you wonder if the Bible has anything to say about your future, career, finances or even relationships? What about all the brokenness in the world and social injustices. Where does faith intersect with those concerns? And how can I connect with others who are my age and have similar questions?

In a BSF young adult class, discover the wisdom of the Bible that is relevant to every age and problem: How do I find friends who care about the same things I do? What does God want me to do with my life? BSF is a place to go deeper — to grow in your relationship with God as you navigate the early years of adulthood. As you make time to study and complete your lesson each week, you will find that God speaks to you through His Word.

On class night, you and other class members — ages 18 to 35 — will gather for a time of contemporary Christian worship and then participate in a small-group discussion of the lesson. Afterwards, you'll listen to a lecture that applies the truth of Scripture to daily living. Before you leave, you'll receive comprehensive lesson notes that elaborate on what you've studied and lesson questions for the following week.

In addition to the weekly class night, all-class and discussion-group socials are opportunities to build relationships. Seminars are one more option to expand your learning.

BSF also offers men's and women's classes, and preschool and school programs as well. At BSF, you can study the Bible together with family and friends from around the world — on six continents in 38 nations.

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