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The BSF App

Daily scripture reading, lessons and questions on a phone or tablet. 

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Complete directly on your device.

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Tap to view assigned scripture as you answer lesson questions.

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Choose English, Spanish, Cantonese or Mandarin.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

Which devices run the BSF app?

The BSF app supports iOS 10.0 or later on the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, as well as Android and Tablet devices running Android version 5 or later.  The BSF app is no longer avaliable for download on Amazon Fire tablets. 

For optimal performance, use the app on supported devices made after 2014 and the most current iOS or Android version available for that device. 

Why can’t I find the BSF app on the app store?

If you cannot find the BSF app at your device’s app store it may not be supported by the version of your device or not available in your region.

See above question for more information about supported devices.

What new features are included in the latest app release?

In the latest version of the BSF app,

  • You will log in using your credentials
  • Lesson answers will synchronize across multiple devices (your information will be encrypted).
  • You can listen to and download audio lesson notes through the app
  • You can listen to, watch, or download lecture audio/video
  • Question font size is now selectable
Does the BSF app require internet access?

Internet access is required for all initial downloads of the app, as well as first-time access to the lesson, lectures, and in-app Bible. 

However, after you access the lesson or download a lecture, internet access is not required. Note: Only scriptures previously viewed while online will be avaliable when offline. 

The following elements do require an internet connection:

  • Scriptures not previously viewed while online 
  • MyBSF Access 
  • BSF Online Access
  • BSF App Support  
  • Lesson Updates 
  • Accessing Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy 
Can I download Student Program lessons though the BSF app?

No, the app does not support completion of the BSF Student Program lesson at this time. 

Can I download materials from the BSF app?

Yes, you will be able to download materials from the BSF App by using the share icon. 

MyBSF and BSF Online

Can I access MyBSF or BSF Online from the BSF app?

Since the app now includes notes, audio notes, and lectures, the link to MyBSF has been removed. To access MyBSF, open a browser and go to To access BSF Online, open a browser and go to


Are answers automatically synced between my devices?

Yes, the app does support synching between devices. When you sign in to the BSF app on a supported device, your questions and answers will be displayed. 

Note: The previous Answer Transfer Tool is no longer required but is still available if you choose to only save answers on your device or want to transfer answers from CBSF. 

Can I print my answers from the app?

You can print both answers and lesson questions from the app. Simply navigate to a lesson, select any day, then tap the print icon  at the top right of your screen.

Note: Questions and answers for all six days will be printed no matter which day is selected.

How are lesson answers stored for security?

Answers are encrypted and saved in the user’s account through a cloud-based service.

Can I move my CBSF answers to the BSF app?

Yes, use the transfer tool by selecting settings, then advanced. 

Can I change the Bible displayed translation and language?

You can change the display language of the Bible as desired by going to Settings > Display Language. 

Our in-app Bible utilizes the NIV translation, which all BSF materials are based on. Want to request a specific translation be added to a future version of the app? Submit feedback here by clicking here.


Can I remove downloaded files?

The BSF app stores your lessons and in-app Bibles in a “downloaded cache.” By removing these files, the app will automatically redownload them from our BSF support service. 

Do I need to manually check for question updates?

BSF occasionally publishes updates to lessons and translation. For example, some lesson languages are not avaliable until closer to the time a lesson will be used in class.

The BSF app automatically checks for lesson updates daily. However, you can also manually check for updates in settings. Selecte Settings > Advanced > Check for Lesson Update. 

What happened to the Answer Transfer Tool?

Because answers are now saved in the user’s account and synch automatically between devices, there is no longer a need for this tool. 

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