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Electronic donations from Canadian residents will be processed by BSF International, LLC.

Bible Study Fellowship is registered as a charity in Canada as “BSF International (Canada) Limited” — Charity Registration No. 80279 7100 RR0001 at the following address:

BSF International (Canada)
Limited 107 Maple Drive Port
Moody, B.C. V3H 0A7

Electronic donations from Canadian residents will be processed by BSF International, LLC as the U.S. receiving agent on behalf of BSF International (Canada) Limited. Canadian residents will initially receive a U.S. donation receipt by email just to confirm their gift. A CRA-qualified donation receipt will be processed and sent to Canadian residents for each online gift in a separate email as a .pdf attachment usually by the end of the month following the gift date. Please contact for missing receipts.

Gifts by class members donating by cheque should be made in class, for which donation receipts are immediately available. Donations by cheque may also be mailed to the address above for which donation receipts will be issued by return mail.

For information on all registered charities in Canada under the Income Tax Act, please visit: Canada Revenue Agency at

Gifts of Stock or Mutual Funds Shares

Most securities transfers are handled electronically from your brokerage account directly to ours. If you need to gift securities in certificate form, please contact the Finance Division of Bible Study Fellowship at for further instructions.

Below is the information you should provide to your brokerage firm to initiate an electronic transfer of shares:

Name of charity: BSF International Canada Limited
Brokerage house: RBC Direct Investing Inc.
Account #: 665-57055-12
DTC code: 5002

Because we do not receive any donor information from our broker regarding the source of the gift, we request you send a separate letter or email with your name and contact information (for tax receipt purposes), as well as the exact number of shares and name of the company whose securities you have gifted to:

Bible Study Fellowship
Attn: Finance Division
19001 Huebner Road
San Antonio, TX 78258 USA

A receipt acknowledging your gift will be issued after receiving your letter or email and the gifted securities. Thank you again for your heart in supporting the Lord’s work in BSF.