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Our vision is to magnify God and mature His people. We do this through our highly skilled and dedicated staff. We are committed to serving our employees so they can accomplish the work that God has set before them. We are inspired by God and His Word, and deeply motivated by the needs of others. We are unified by a common goal to produce passionate commitment to Christ, His Word, and His Church. 

Cultural Commitments

For BSF Headquarters Staff

We long to see God magnified and His people fully matured. We desire to see in-depth Bible engagement producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word and His Church on every continent, in every nation. We are a team. And we are on mission.

Be on Mission

Single Minded Focus

We keep our eyes on the greater mission and vision of Christ and His Church and are personally invested in the mission and vision of BSF.

Be a Team

We Need One Another

This work is too great to go it alone. We need one another. I need your strengths, and you need mine. As a team, we collaborate together toward common team goals. Preferring team success over personal accolades, we strive for less “me” and more “we.”

Be a Communicator

Actively Speak and Listen

Great teams require great communication. Great communication is clear, direct, open, honest, proactive and driven by humility. To this end, we depend on God as we aspire to be intentionally authentic, appropriately transparent and purposefully encouraging in our communication.

Be Smart

Mission Requires Strategy

God is a God of order. Therefore, mission requires strategy. Strategy is a means to a greater end and requires well-defined team roles, processes, goals and objectives. We rely on the best project management tools and practices to achieve our goals with efficiency and accuracy.

Be A Learner

Ask for Help

We are infinite learners who seek to embody the humility that acknowledges we do not know everything. First and foremost, we learn from God and His Word. Our intentional rhythm of Bible study and prayer is a daily reminder of our humble dependence on Him.

Just Be

God Establishes Our Work

While we value our work, we do not place our value in our work. We trust God is sovereign over our lives, our work and the results of our work, and we take courage when we realize His work does not stop even when we rest.

Be a Kingdom Citizen

Cultivate Belonging

The kingdom of God is multi-faceted and diverse. Nations, tribes, tongues, poor, rich, old, young – every citizen belongs.


How do I apply?

Applications for all open positions are available on BSF’s job board. Create a profile in our database and complete the application.

Do I need to attach a cover letter to my application?

When you create your profile, you will be required to upload your resume. You will also be given the option to upload a cover letter.  If you did not upload a cover letter, please email it to and advise which position you applied for.

How does the hiring process work?

All applications are personally reviewed by our Human Resources team. Certain positions may require additional assessments, which are completed online. Qualified candidates are then guided through the interview process: a Zoom interview with a member of the HR team and with the hiring manager. Depending on the position, finalists may be invited to participate in multiple zoom interviews with other members of the hiring team or in an onsite interview as well. Every applicant receives a response from BSF, regardless of whether they are offered a position.

When should I expect to hear from HR after I have completed my application?

BSF receives many applications every day, and we are committed to thoroughly evaluating each one. For that reason, response times vary, and in some cases you may not receive a response for several weeks. We appreciate your patience as we review your application.

If I haven't received a direct response yet, how can I check the status of my application

You may log into your profile at any time to view the status of your application.

Are all jobs located in San Antonio?

The location of each job is found within the job posting. If listed in San Antonio, you will need to move to the area to work at BSF’s Headquarters. Certain positions may be eligible for relocation assistance. Other job listings may be remote positions with no specified location.

What if I don't currently find an open position that fits my skills and talents?

If you don’t see a position that fits your experience, we encourage you to frequently check back at our job board.

What should I consider in preparation for an interview with BSF?

BSF is a faith-based organization committed to excellence. We are looking for candidates who are both qualified in their field of expertise and have an active spiritual life. Our daily dress code is business-casual, and we recommend wearing business-casual or business-formal attire to your interview.