School Program

We help prepare children to live, lead and serve in this present world.

BSF believes life's answers are found in the Bible — helping the next generation get to know and love God and His Word. That's why BSF offers Bible classes for school-age youth as part of Women's and Men's Evening Classes (with classes for every age group from elementary through high school).

Weekly Classes

Taught by loving, well-trained and committed leaders in a secure environment, the BSF School Program is a structured, engaging learning experience that challenges students to discover what Scripture means and how they can apply it to their lives.

Students investigate the same passages as adult class members, giving them the context and framework to have spiritual conversations outside of class. As in the Preschool Program, leaders pray for and encourage the students they teach.

A Typical Class

Students attend an opening worship time of singing with their registered adults.

Bible Lesson
Children's leaders teach each week's Bible passages to help students understand God's Word.

Discussion Questions
Daily questions help guide children to apply what they are learning to their daily lives.

Discovery Time
Scripture-based learning games for the youngest and focused study of passages for the older students help the students discover that the Scripture has real meaning to them.

Basic Truths
Students explore basic truths of the Christian faith.

Memory Verse
Students commit to memory each week a Scripture verse from the week's study.