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2023/24 Impact Report


A year of impact.

65 years of God’s Faithfulness.

Whether you have been in BSF for decades or days, you are part of our rich history —a 65-year journey or God’s faithfulness.

Read inspiring stories from our past and present as we celebrate God’s work through BSF!

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2022 Impact Report


A Testament to God’s Eternal Work.

“Our mission is simple: global in-depth Bible studies producing passionate commitment to Christ, His Word, and His Church”

– Hollie Roberts, BSF Executive Director

2021 Impact Report


A Source of Courage, Truth, and Hope for God’s People Worldwide.

“God’s work has surely been replicated in unique and personal ways in the lives of 400,000 people who participated in BSF around the world.”

– Hollie Roberts, BSF Executive Director.