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We believe that a student’s active engagement in God’s Word produces personal, passionate commitment to God’s truth.  

BSF Students

Ages 5-17 

Join thousands of students worldwide studying God’s Word! Through the BSF Student Program, we support adults who seek to instill a knowledge of and love for God and His Word in the hearts and minds of their young people. 

The BSF Student Program shares the truth of God’s Word with the next generation to equip students with a strong Biblical foundation. The BSF Student Program is God-focused, gospel-centered, and age-appropriate. Together with loving, well-trained, and committed leaders, this student-centered learning challenges BSF Students to discover what Scripture means and how they can apply it to their lives.  

A Typical BSF Student Class

Students will be led and taught by trained Children’s Leaders each week who have a heart and passion for making disciples of Jesus. Each week students will:  

Build Community

Students will build trusted community with friends and leaders as they learn to love and follow Jesus through the study of God’s Word in a supported and loving community. 

Discover Truth

Through the combination of best practices in education and BSF’s firm commitment to in-depth Bible study, students will have the opportunity to discover truth in God’s Word. Students will study the same Scripture passage as adults, though their passage may be shorter for age-appropriateness. Students will examine Scripture through meaningful activities and discussion. 

Live Differently

Together, students will explore how the truth they learn in the Bible changes the way they think and live. 

Discussion Questions

Take-home questions help students apply what they learn to their daily lives.