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You can generate a charitable deduction now and then distribute gifts to BSF over time.


A Donor-Advised Fund (DAF) is one of the most beneficial and fastest growing means of charitable giving today, offering immediate tax advantages, simplified record-keeping and flexibility in choosing beneficiaries and investment options.

A DAF simply works like a charitable savings account. You can fund your account with many different types of assets (cash, stocks, real estate, etc.) and receive an immediate tax deduction at the time your account is funded. Once established, you have the freedom to decide which ministries you’d like to give to and when. Because the assets are invested, your account can grow over time, allowing you to give even more to BSF.

DAFs are easy to set up with a simple application. There are no complicated legal documents to fill out. Once established, DAFs are easy to manage. You are able to manage your fund online, if you choose. There are no application fees to set up a DAF and minimal administration fees to maintain your account. As with gifts of appreciated assets (stocks, other securities, real estate, etc.) directly to charities, you receive a deduction for the fair market value and avoid the tax on the capital gain.

Our Legacy or Planned Gift partners will assist you in establishing and managing your DAF and giving to BSF.