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Getting Started at BSF

Thank you for joining Bible Study Fellowship. We can’t wait to meet you! Here’s everything you need to know as you get ready to explore God’s Word in community with us:

How to Prepare

Group Leader Contact
Your Group Leader will reach out, often in the week before your first meeting, with all your group information, including accessing study materials and where to start.

What to Read
Each weekly lesson, found on or, has daily questions to answer in your own time, before attending class. Allow God to speak as you read and answer as many as you can. Don’t worry if you can’t finish, new habits take time.

Your First Meeting

What You Need
A pen and paper or device, and a Bible or Bible app. BSF lessons use the New International Version (NIV) Bible, but you can bring your favorite translation.

On Arrival or Login
You will be welcomed and given a name tag. If you have registered children with you, drop them off with the Children’s Leaders.

Your Discussion Group
Each week, you will join your discussion group of approximately 8 to 18 people. Your Group Leader is trained each week to lead and facilitate the group’s discussion. In your group you will share and hear others discuss their answers to the lesson questions which you have pre­pared before class.

Your Weekly Lecture
Your trained teaching leader will add richness and depth of understanding to the week’s lesson by helping you apply the principles of God’s Word to your own heart and life.

After Your Meeting

Lesson Notes
In your personal study time, read the lesson notes for the week. These notes have been written by a team of BSF staff and trusted theologians providing historical, doctrinal, and other insights about the passage you have studied this week. These notes, along with your lecture, will aid you in answering the first question for the following week’s lesson.

A Typical Week

Lesson Notes
Each week we study the same Bible passage four ways. We believe these layers help us hear God and discover how to apply His truth to our hearts, minds, and lives.

See You Soon!

God loves you and cares about your time in His Word. He intends to strengthen, challenge, and encourage you as you engage with Him through all four layers of BSF’s approach.

We pray that you experience a time of growth and joy as you learn from God and those He connects you with in Bible Study Fellowship.