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How does BSF work?

Founder Audrey Wetherell Johnson established a four-fold approach: reading a Scripture passage and then exploring it through personal questions, group discussion, expository teaching and written commentary. Click here for more.

What is BSF studying this year?

This year all groups will participate in the study of John’s Gospel: The Truth. Check out this link to see what the study is about:

My friend wants to try BSF but doesn’t want to fully commit yet. Is there a way that they can try it out first?

We created mini-studies (which are updated regularly) for people to try BSF before they visit or join a group. You can find them at They can also download the BSF App at Thank you for sharing BSF with your friends!

How do I update my contact information?

Please give that information to your current group leader or class administrator. If you do not have their contact information, you may message them through your class webpage by searching find-a-group:

Which Bible translation does BSF use for their studies?

BSF material uses the New International Version in its biblical references. However, we invite and encourage members to use the Bible translation with which they are most comfortable.

Does BSF teach in languages other than English?

BSF provides Chinese and Spanish materials to members in some classes. In addition, many BSF classes have Discussion Groups in a number of local languages. Contact your nearest class to check on their availability.

Local Groups

When does the study year begin?

Generally, each study begins in September. However, each country is different, so please contact your local class to get the exact start date. You can get information about your specific group’s meeting date, time and place on your class’s webpage, which you can find at

In 2023, BSF groups in the U.S. will resume the week of September 11, 2023. (U.S. classes typically begin the week of the Monday after Labor Day.)

How can I join a BSF group?

The easiest way to join a BSF group is to go to Type in your searchable information and find a group you would like to join. Click “More Info,” click “Join,” and enter your information. Then click “Next.”

If there isn’t a local class in your area, BSF Online is a great alternative option! For more information, please visit 

How can I contact a class?

Members: Please log into and click on “Classes Near You” under “Find a Class.” Type in your information and choose a group you would like to contact. Click “More Info” then click “Contact” and enter your contact information along with a brief message. This will generate an email to the Class Administrator who will respond. 

Non-Members: Please visit Type in your information and choose a group you would like to contact. Click “More Info” then click “Contact” and enter your contact information along with a brief message. This will generate an email to the Class Administrator who will respond.

How do I know if I am registered?

If you registered through the Find A Group page, a local Class Leader will contact you soon.

If you have not heard from the local class, please contact your Class Administrator. If you do not have their contact info:

    • Click this link:
    • Type the city of your group in the search box
    • Find your group and click “More Info”
    • Click “Contact”
    • Enter your First and Last Name
    • IMPORTANT: Include your email address
    • Enter a brief message detailing your request
    • Click “Send Message” and your Class Administrator will contact you
How can I transfer to a different class?

Please contact your current Class Administrator and they will transfer your record to the new class. If you do not have their contact information, you may message them through your class webpage by searching “Find a Group”

How do I start my own group?
Please contact our front desk at:

Include your first and last name, city, state, and/org country in your email so we can serve you more effectively.

BSF Staff will email you information about how BSF groups are started.

You can always start a discussion group with friends and family using BSF’s WordGo App. For more information, visit

BSF Online

How can I join a BSF Online group?

You can register at

Technical questions about BSF Online:

Members can go to to create a ticket for BSF Online.


What is WordGo?

Wordgo is a group Bible study App designed to help anyone anywhere prioritize daily engagement with God’s word. It takes everything we love about the classic BSF model – content, training and Bible teaching – and puts them in the hands of people who don’t have the opportunity to engage with full BSF class due to location, schedule or life stage. Learn more at

How do I find WordGo’s helpdesk?

For questions regarding WordGo, please contact the WordGo helpdesk team by visiting

COVID – Related Questions

Are classes meeting online or in person?

Our leadership team continues to pray for guidance in how to best protect our members and leaders while following all local, state, federal and church guidelines. Please contact your local Class Administrator to receive specific information. To find that contact information, click Find a Group, add your location and click “contact.”

Website/App questions

How do I get the BSF App?

For download links and many app related questions, visit

BSF Materials

Where can I find lessons and notes?

Materials can be found at or on the BSF App

Who curates the material for your notes and lectures and verifies the theological accuracy?

Each year, a team of BSF Board Members, trusted theologians, curriculum experts and BSF staff vet the lesson material to ensure the utmost integrity to and alignment with God’s Holy Word.

How long will the current study materials be available?

Current study materials will be available for a short period after the study completes.  They will be replaced with the next study materials in mid- to late-July.

BSF Emails

How do I receive the emails?

Please enter your email address in the footer below, between “Stay connected!” and “Subscribe”

I want to update my email so I can continue to receive the emails and blogs.

To update your email address on file, visit Please also give the updated email to your local Class Administrator. (You can reach them by visiting , finding your group and clicking the “contact” button on your class link.)


Does the Giving page allow regular gifts?

Yes, you have the option of making a one-time donation or a recurring donation.

How do I change my scheduled gift timing?

Please send an email to including your name and email address.

How do I give to my own class/group?

Go to or click “Find a Group” on the home page. Once you find the group page, click the “Give” button.

Can I give to BSF on my phone using a text?
Text to give is no longer available. 
Can I give to BSF using PayPal?

Yes. Go to . Select one of the giving categories. PayPal will appear as one of the payment options.

(Giving options may not work in all countries.)

I made a contribution on the "Giving" page, but did not receive a receipt.

Email to request a duplicate receipt. Please include your name, email address and physical address.