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This is a pivotal moment in BSF history.

Get updates on BSF’s future plans.

The BSF Board of Directors is deeply devoted to following God’s vision for this ministry. Our commitment to discerning His guidance as we advance the mission and vision of Bible Study Fellowship remains constant. We are excited to share BSF’s future plans with you.

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Why is BSF moving?

We are moving toward advancing the future of BSF. This is a strategic move that will address our global ministry needs and prepare the ministry to advance His Word and mobilize His people to impact His world.

The San Antonio campus no longer meets our ministry needs and does not enable us to address our strategic priorites. We need a new location that:

  • Maximizes global accessibility
  • Celebrates and connects our current and future leaders to BSF’s history
  • Provides a modern and collaborative workspace
  • Enhances our staff, leadership, and field culture
  • Brings the best of BSF forward
Why move from San Antonio to Dallas-Fort Worth?

This decision is not just about changing locations. This is about shaping the path towards a global ministry that is truly the most accessible, in-depth Bible study on the planet.

Moving from San Antonio to Dallas-Fort Worth is a strategic decision supported by over a year of thorough research and due diligence by the Board of Directors. We identified Dallas-Fort Worth as the right place for this next season in BSF’s ministry due to the following reasons:

  • Accessibility – The abundance of direct and international flights into DFW enhances global accessibility for BSF’s leaders, volunteers, and ministry partners. This facilitates easier connections and engagement, which is crucial for our global ministry.
  • Diversity – Dallas-Fort Worth, as the fourth most diverse city in America with over 230 languages spoken, presents an opportunity for BSF to engage with a wide range of communities.
  • Engagement – Dallas-Fort Worth holds the highest enrollment of BSF class members in Texas. This proximity will enable us to work hand in hand with large numbers of diverse BSF classes and allows for greater engagement with ministry development opportunities.
What is the vision for the new global location?

The opportunity lies before us to advance an enhanced BSF that mobilizes disciple-makers and upholds God’s global Church. We aim to create a future global location in Dallas-Fort Worth where BSF’s culture is expressed, experienced, and stewarded well.

We aspire for our new location to be the best workplace for our staff, enabling us to serve and lead our global audience efficiently and effectively. The envisioned global location is anticipated to be a modern, collaborative workplace with inspiring elements, providing accessibility to amenities and airports, all reflecting the shared history, values, and aspirations of the global BSF community. We invite BSFers worldwide to visit our Dallas-Fort Worth location when it opens.

When is the move happening?

We have not yet identified a specific Dallas-Fort Worth site location, and we have no immediate moving plans. We are praying and asking God to show us the specific site location. We have engaged a commercial real estate broker. Once we have a location, we will communicate a proposed timeline.

What will happen to the San Antonio campus?

We will begin to prepare the existing campus property for listing on the market. We have engaged a commercial real estate broker to begin the preparation and potential options. We will communicate a proposed timeline when finalized.

Can I come visit the San Antonio campus one last time?

Yes, the San Antonio campus is open for driving tours during business hours.

How does the move impact BSF financially?

The Board of Directors is commited not to incur debt.

Will I still be able to volunteer at BSF?

BSF volunteers are core to who we are. There are many opportunities to volunteer with BSF, including at our new global location.

How can I be involved?

This announcement is an invitation to come on the journey with us to continue shaping this ministry in order to accomplish our mission to produce passionate commitment to Christ, His Word, and His Church.

  • Join us in prayer! Ask God to show us the specific location. We have engaged a commercial real estate broker to begin searching for the right location in the DFW area. We are deeply commited to carrying forward the mission and vision of BSF. And above all, we are deeply commited to following God’s vision for this ministry, discerning His leading as He equips and empowers us to make the wise decisions needed to move forward.
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