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Our Studies

Each year, Bible Study Fellowship groups focus on a different book or section of the Bible over 30 weekly sessions. Going chapter by chapter, verse by verse, allows members to better understand the text and gain a more thorough knowledge of, and relationship with, its Author — Almighty God.

Other Studies

Matthew (2021-2022)

More than any other Gospel, Matthew emphasizes the public teaching ministry of Jesus.

Genesis (2020-2021)

Through the book of Genesis, God reveals our beginnings and lays the foundation for His eternal plan.

Acts & Letters of the Apostles


This is the remarkable fulfillment of God’s plan through the powerful preaching of Peter, Paul and other apostles.

People of the Promised Land


From Joshua to Solomon, God’s united people entered and flourished in the promised land.

People of the Promise – Divided (2022-2023)

A wayward people face dark days. But God’s light remains, drawing His children back to Him.


More than any other Gospel, John reveals the person of Jesus Christ. He gives us even the innermost thoughts and emotions of the Lord.


The final book of the Bible unveils the final victory, the glorious consummation of His Kingdom to come.


God called Isaiah to deliver a message of warning, comfort and deliverance.


The book of Romans is the fullest and most comprehensive statement of Christianity.

The Life of Moses

God reveals Israel’s deliverance from Egypt, preparation at Sinai and march toward Canaan.