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The first book of the Bible reveals our shared story as a single race created in God’s image.

We look forward to exploring this book of “Beginnings” together, where we witness the wonder of God creating the universe, the tragedy of humanity’s fall into sin and God’s gracious redemption.

Genesis Answers Life’s Hardest Questions

Why are we here? What is my purpose? Why is the world so broken? Explore God’s answers in community.


Study Overview

Bible Study Fellowship walks through each book chapter by chapter, exploring God’s Word in context. The first 11 chapters of Genesis concern the creation and expansion of the entire human race. The final 39 chapters focus on the family of Abraham (the patriarch of Judaism, Christianity and Islam), and three of his descendants – Isaac, Jacob and Joseph.

Through Abraham and his descendants, the redemption of the world by Jesus Christ and the restoration of all creation will be accomplished.

Genesis Themes

Our origin

Humans are created in the image of God and have a unique relationship to Him and the universe.

Our fall

Adam and Eve rebelled against God’s command, setting forth the need for redemption for every single person ever born.

God’s promise of redemption

God promised redemption through the offspring of the woman in Genesis 3:15 – the Lord Jesus Christ.

God’s plan of restoration

God chose individuals and their descendants to be part of His purpose to restore the entire world through His one and only Son.

Bring Your Kids!

The BSF Children’s Program for infants and pre-schoolers teaches children the truths of Genesis on their own level. Students from Kindergarten through age 18 can explore God’s truth for themselves in the School Program. Click below to learn more:

Our Four-Fold Approach

Each week, members answer daily questions from Scripture in a personal study time, discuss the passage in a discussion group, listen to teaching on the passage and then finally read notes that explore the passage further. Everyone, all ages, explore the same Scripture passages so family’s can share their learnings together.