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Interested in BSF? Experience our four-fold approach through a mini-study designed to walk you through God’s Word, chapter-by-chapter. To try BSF in-person or online, click find a group to explore group options and meeting times. 

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Discover the boldness of Elijah, standing for the one true God of Israel, even if it meant standing alone. In this two-week study of Elijah’s ministry, be inspired by Elijah’s courage and stand in awe of God’s power. 

The Parables

The Good Samaritan. The Prodigal Son. Some of history’s most famous stories sprang from the lips of Jesus. Bible Study Fellowship’s 2-week study of the parables in Matthew 13 will explore a few of Jesus’ parables.

Sermon on the Mount

What did Jesus say about the poor and persecuted? Explore one of Jesus’ most famous teachings through an in-depth 4-week study. 


Explore Joseph’s amazing journey from dungeon to throne room chapter-by-chapter and discover how God was there in the midst of his mess… and ours.