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We operate by faith on the generosity of members and friends.

Support Operations

Every single day, BSF employees and staff work to maintain, improve, and expand the BSF experience across the world. From bookkeeping and leader emails, to strategizing and training sessions, every part of BSF is supported through generosity.

General Operations
These gifts support the general operations of BSF.

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International Operations
Supports the operations of BSF outside the U.S.

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Memorials and Honorariums
Make a gift in memory or honor of others and support the general operations of BSF.

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Building Fund
Support BSF Global Headquarters with needed expansion of and improvements and renovations to its buildings and grounds.

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Support Growth Worldwide

Our hope is that every country, every region and every people group have access to a local Bible study with others. Help us as we pursue that goal through training, translation, and global sending.

Satellite Discussion Groups
These gifts support BSF from satellite discussion groups around the world.

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Translation Fund
Help provide BSF in Chinese and Spanish. This fund supports the translation, materials, classes, personnel and administration of this effort.

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Global Impact Fund
Provide for the long-term funding and support of BSF, its strategic initiatives, major infrastructure, equipment, technology and ministry development.

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Retreat Scholarships
Support the holding of training retreats and attendance required by leaders around the world.

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